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You can use this form for regular e-mail or of course if you want to offer me a job. I will reply you as soon as possible, regulary within 24 hours. In case you need not just design work, please use contact on the left side below this form.

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In case you don't want to use this form and you need to contact me directly,
please choose the proper contact person for your project.

Complex internet projects

If you need to manage complex internet project from for example design of logo, trough web design, analyse of project to content management system and implementation or you are just interested in our Eshop for example, this is your contact person.

Ing. Martin Horniak

Ing. Martin Horniak

project manager
+421 905 415 030

Design only projects

If you need anything from web & graphic design industry for example complete visual identity for your company, new package design for your product or you are developing some sort of software and you need professional design for it, this is your contact person.

Frco. Andrej Borsky

Frco. Andrej Borský

art director