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About Andrej Borsky

Frco Andrej Borsky i, my name is Andrej Borsky and I'm a professional designer. On the internet I'm known as 'frco'. I was born in Slovakia in 1983 and I'm now living in Bratislava, which is the capital city of the Slovak Republic. I have liked drawing very much since my early childhood. Then I studied at two art schools, at the department of graphic design and at that time I also worked as a freelance designer. After graduation, me and my co-worker founded the company Yohaku Ltd. I'm the Art director of this company. At the beginning, I focused especially on web design and then also on user interface design and software design. My activities will soon be extended to advertisement photography and matte painting so come back again. And that's all you should know about me. Thank you for your visit.

Work experience

  • 2003 - today Art director & co-founder of Yohaku Ltd. 21 years
  • 2001 - 2003 Freelance designer 2 years


  • 2003 - 2005 Academy of fine Arts & Design, Department of graphic design (VŠVÚ) 2 years
  • 1999 - 2003 Joseph Vydra School of Applied art, Department of graphic design (ŠÚV) 4 years


Strong Web & Application design knowledge, wide scale of graphic design (visual identity, posters, illustrations, prints, icon design, advertisment), drawing by hand, digital drawing, photography, basics of programming in many languages


Girlfriend Lenuska, all style art & design, friends, beer, traveling, nature, mountine bike, motor bike, gym, good movies,...


I'm doing what I like and I've never been employed by somebody else like me in my life and I'm proud of it.

About frco(dot)sk

This website was online for the first time in 2001 and its only purpose was to present my design work. As time went by it became quite popular, many people liked it and came back to check out my new works. Those were really good times. But then, in 2004, lots of beginning freelancers started to copy my work and stupid people started to write stupid things to me so I decided to stop this website and continue working quietly. Frco(dot)sk stayed freezed for more than three years. Two years of darkness on this website, but for me the two years were very productive. And now, in june 2008, the time has come to reveal this works and many others, and take over the leadership again. I hope you will enjoy them and finally see what professional design looks like. Many companies just say 'We are professionals!' but trust me, they are not. At the bottom, I prepared a small gallery of previous versions of this website including this one, because in the future it might be turned into something new. And that's all about this website. Once again, enjoy it and thank you for your visit.